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Zutara Week 2014 Day 5: Unrequited

Unrequited: (adj); not returned or rewarded.

Last year, I cosplayed as Katara and a friend of mine cosplayed as Zuko. We started talking more since we had to plan things for the con. But then we got to know each other better and I started liking him. But the thing is.. I was so sure that he didn’t like me back >.< It was…*dun dun dun* unrequited. We were just talking normally when a friend took this Zutara picture.

"Sometimes the feeling of what could’ve been is stronger than what actually happened because the memory of perfection lasts longer." — Dante Basco

(To continue the story… By the way, he did like me the whole time..! We’re dating and I’m cosplaying as his Fire Lady this year~)

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